B2B Marketing in 2020: Trends and Topics to Watch Out For

The year is steadily coming to a close in just a few months’ time. The rapid evolution of today’s markets remains steadfast and companies are trying their best to keep up. With 2020 just a few months away, what must organizations prepare themselves for with B2B marketing? What new trends and topics must they be on the lookout for and how do will these strategies influence B2B marketing in 2020? Thanks to technological advancements in marketing and new tools that offer advanced performance tracking and in-depth personalization, the B2B buying journey has become unique and complex for every buyer. Gone are the days when B2B buyers follow one path to make a sale. Today, like B2C buyers, these B2B buyers are experiencing more marketing touchpoints, doing more research, and engaging with brands in more ways than one. So how do B2B companies keep up? By anticipating these trends and strategies for B2B marketing in 2020.

What to Expect for B2B Marketing in 2020

Content marketing remains at the forefront of B2B marketing in 2020.

B2B marketing in 2020 will still see content on the forefront of communications. It only matters how this content will be delivered to audiences. The Content Marketing Institute urges organizations to unify content strategies come 2020, by building centralized content teams that are attuned to what audiences need when they need it. Instead of hiring just one copywriter, CMI advises organizations to build formidable teams comprised of professionals of different creative backgrounds to come together and develop strategic content for B2B marketing in 2020. The B2B marketer of 2020 must have a full grasp of the varied approaches of content and how content development serves business strategies. They must be skilled in providing value through content at every stage in the funnel.

In the past few years, content marketing has been embraced by both B2C and B2B organizations and today, as much as 91% of B2B marketers are using content marketing to better reach their target audiences, as per CMI. However, content marketing is a truly evolving creature and technology is the hand that drives it. While written digital content will still be an effective avenue for B2B marketers, there will be a rise in the use of audio/visual content.

Personalization will continue to be an effective communication key.

In the recent years, personalization has become key in developing better, more effective marketing efforts, especially when it comes to digital and content marketing. Personalization harnesses the power of information: who your customers are, where they are, what they are interested in, and how they access information on those topics. Personalization has been proven to be an effective strategy in increasing engagement, improving brand loyalty, boosting conversion, and developing better customer experiences. In fact, it works like a charm. About 57% of buyers are willing to trade in personal information so they can get personalized deals, Salesforce reported. And this data is vital in developing effective marketing strategies. It helps businesses better tweak their marketing activities to ensure that buyers eventually make a sale and continue doing so in the future.

Performance insights will inform marketing decisions moving forward.

B2B marketing in 2020 will require businesses to be more keen on the insights that data tools provides them. Key performance indicators and data on how marketing campaigns fare will measure a company’s marketing success. Software tools can help draw performance insights and provide marketers with better support in making decisions moving forward. According to B2B Marketing Zone, marketers must move from collecting data to forming insights from this data, as these will drive the future marketing actions that impact overall business performance.

Social media will remain a strong channel for lead generation.

Social media has undeniably changed the way businesses market their products. In 2020, expect B2B businesses to continue beefing up their social media strategies, which include LinkedIn. The social media network has become a formidable channel for businesses to reach their target audiences better. After all, there are over 500 million professionals actively using the site to make meaningful, professional connections, with 39% of them paying for a premium account, as per Hubspot. But aside from LinkedIn, social media in general is still the top choice for businesses through which customers experience their marketing efforts, followed by the web, and then mobile apps, according to Smart Insights.

Video will continue to grow as a new format in which businesses market their products and services.

Video allows marketers and businesses to provide audiences and customers with a different, more immersive experience. That’s why businesses will opt for more video content in the coming year, whether it be through highly sharable video posts on LinkedIn or having their own channel on YouTube. Video content allows businesses to entertain and draw an audience’s attention to unique messages that cannot be told through other formats such as text or email. Video content will find its footing in B2B marketing in 2020 and businesses need to be prepared to invest in the creative teams behind such efforts.

To learn more about how B2B marketing is set to evolve in 2020 and how it may impact your business, get in touch with a marketing professional today.

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