Tips for increasing your organic reach on search

Tips for increasing your organic reach on search

Improving your ranking and visibility within the major search engines can be quite a challenge, especially if you are just starting out. Take a look at the following tips that can assist in increasing your organic reach. 


Featured Snippet 

The featured snippet is the preview that appears under the title within the search results that gives some insights as to what the results entails. Reports suggest that by appearing within the featured snippet dramatically impacts your ranking in a positive way. There are a few tips to follow which may increase your chances of featuring:


  • The shorter the keywords, the better
  • Include your target keyword within at least one HTML Header (preferably the H1)
  • Google is known to prefer featured snippet content that begins as a logical answer would (e.g. ‘to begin with…)



Websites that have a large amount of external links (backlinks) that are addressed to their domain have a larger chance of appearing higher in the search rankings. The hardest part is finding sources to link your domain. 


Competitor Analysis 

Determine who your key competitors are and using a platform such as SEMrush, determine their position within your top keywords and where you fit in amongst that. Most people just stop there, but in order to really get ahead, take that one step further and conduct a competitor link analysis. Meaning, take a look at the websites and webpages that are linking to your competitors sites and search for similar opportunities. Reach out to the writers who would incorporate content that is of relevance to your website and may be open to linking your site within their next article. 


Boost Low Performing Content

Majority of a site’s organic traffic generally comes from a small percentage of the total content within the website, meaning that there is a lot of content that is not reaching its potential. Start off by determining which content falls within this category. Next determine the keywords that are sitting between positions 10 – 30 that have the potential for growth and can dramatically boost your organic reach and traffic. Then find pages where you can implement internal linking (linking to your low performing content as we mentioned earlier). Once that has been completed, include a few internal links on your high performing pages to help drive the changes. Once that has been completed, sit back and let it do its work. 


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