Everything you need to know about conveyancing and land division

Everything you need to know about conveyancing and land division

If you’re in the process of land division or about to embark on one, it can be a little daunting to make sure everything goes smooth. Land division is the process of creating individual titles for a certain piece of land whether that be residential units, commercial buildings, shops or industrial buildings that allow for the separate sale of each piece. With that said, hiring a conveyancer or a company excelling in land subdivision will be your best bet at streamlining the whole process. They can help you make the best decision for your land, as well.

Who is a conveyancer and what do they do?

Simply put, a conveyancer is a licensed professional who can assist in the creation of new Titles for the land in question. The make sure that all the legal requirements are met. Your chosen conveyancer will work together hand in hand with a licensed land surveyor to ensure all documents are lodged appropriately at the Lands Title Office. 

What to look for when hiring a conveyancer

Experience is the biggest factor to look for when hiring a conveyancer. The experience they have will clue you in on their understanding of the land division process and the process of submitting documentation to the Lands Titles Office. A professional conveyancer will open up effective communication channels with his/her client (the landowner) and advise them on risks, problems and ensuring that everything is done on a timely schedule to avoid extra costs. 

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The land subdivision process

Once you have secured an experienced conveyancer, having an understanding of the process of land subdivision Melbourne is beneficial. The Council planning scheme requites a majority of subdivisions to hand in a planning permit and a licensed surveyor must certify all plans. Although there are certain clauses that may exempt certain subdivision from requiring planning permits, the process is nonetheless complicated. The whole process requires constant contact with council planning schemes, provisions and other relevant authorities. You’d be saving your less a truckload of misery. 

Land Subdivision Melbourne: Hire trusted experts

If all the technical speak is going over your head, leave the hard work up to the professionals. The experts at Linear Land Surveying can assist you with comprehensive support on land surveying and subdivision process. The team has over thirty years of combined experience to offer you services in:

  • Land Subdivision, 2 – 500 lot residential subdivisions
  • Multi-staged residential and industrial projects
  • Large and small building subdivisions- from dual-OCC’s to high-rises
  • Planning Submissions, Clause 56 Design Response and related matters
  • Project Management for subdivision development

Hiring the professionals to do the job can ease up a lot of your time and help you with a process that is otherwise daunting. So, whether it is land subdivision Melbourne that you’re looking for or scaling to find land surveyors Victoria, the experts at Linear Land Surveying are here to help. Want to check out some samples of subdivision of land? Check out full details on the page.

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