5 B2B Content Marketing Tips for Your Tech Business

As a tech company, your goal, as with any other business, is to stay ahead. This is often done by implementing strategies that help earn better, more qualified leads, improve research and development, and provide better customer service. More than that, it’s imperative that tech companies like yours invest in a marketing strategy that targets the right audiences in the right way. Your technology marketing strategy may already have a B2B content marketing plan in place, but have you considered how you can enhance these strategies to yield better business results?

Content marketing traces its roots back to the 1700s. Unbelievable as it seems, it’s true. Even in those years, brands have been telling their own unique stories and this has become the foundation of what we know today as content marketing. According to an infographic published by the Content Marketing Institute, it was as early as 1801 when Paris bookstore Librairie Galignani began to implement unique marketing strategies to grow its business, including “publishing its own newspaper featuring articles from influential authors.” This may have been the earliest form of what we now call thought leadership. So how can we apply the same B2B content marketing lessons to our technology marketing strategy as a business that offers tech products and services? Here are some tips.

Generating better technology marketing results with B2B content marketing

Establish a clear, measurable business goal for your B2B content marketing strategy.

Business goals must always inform your marketing strategies. To ensure your technology marketing and B2B content marketing plans go as planned, you must establish a clear, measurable business goal for it. If your goal is to increase conversion, widen your market reach, or simply increase engagement online, it’s imperative that you define a business goal for every B2B content marketing product you publish. Hubspot recommends determining the purpose of each content and how it serves your business’ overall marketing strategy, in order to streamline production. It’s also important to identify your target audience so you can better personalise content to suit their needs. More on personalisation later.

Talk about issues and topics that matter to potential clients and decision makers.

As a tech company, you’re often keen on capturing the attention of your clients’ top management and decision makers. According to Forbes, one of the best ways to successfully connect with key decision makers is to discuss issues that matter to them in your content. According to Forbes Insights research, today’s executives have these four agendas in mind: regulatory environment, new business models, speed to market, the digitalisation of the business and/or becoming more data driven. These are the areas where tech companies like yours can showcase your expertise and solutions.

Present content in formats appropriate for your audiences and distribute them in proper channels.

Forbes Insights recently published a new report on how executives prefer to receive business insights, given that 86% of them believe that they are pressed for time when it comes to strategically brainstorming about the how disruption and innovation are changing the future of their business. Because of this, executives need business insights that are “comprehensive, relevant, and clear,” and this is where your tech company steps in. Your B2B content marketing plan must include feature-length articles, which according to the report is the most preferred source for business insights by CXO or chief experience officers today. Following closely behind feature-length articles and reports are business books, followed by interactive data visualisation tools, live presentations, briefing documents, webinars, and videos rounding out the top 7 formats. As with personalisation, you must take into consideration your target audiences so you can properly curate and tailor each piece of content to the reader.

Ensure that your content helps solve real-world problems and adds value to your audience’s lives.

B2B content marketing allows for CEOs and experts in your tech company to share unique, valuable insights that your audiences won’t find anywhere else. B2B content marketing works best if it helps your audience solve a real-life problem. More often than not, audiences seek out information as an answer to a question or a solution to a problem. B2B content marketing allows you to meet this need and form meaningful connections with your audiences. By sharing real, sound advice, you are able to add value to your audience’s lives.

Measure performance by using analytics and other tools.

To ensure you’re getting the most out of your technology marketing investment, make sure you measure your B2B content marketing performance by using analytics and such tools. By measuring performance, you not only evaluate the quality of your content, but also monitor how it helps convert visitors and viewers to customers. Analytics shows you both areas of success and areas of improvement in your B2B content marketing plan. It enables you to track, monitor, and report on performance so you can better gauge what specific strategies are working or not, and what you can do better. Hubspot reports that in addition to looking backward and tracking performance so far, the information you get out of analytics will help you pave a way for better strategies in the future.

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