Secret Hacks for an iPhone

Secret Hacks for an iPhone

Are you using your iPhone to its full potential? There are many hidden features that you may be missing out on.

Fasten up the charging process

In a rush but your phone battery is close to dying? Well did you know that you can charge your phone faster by turning on the airplane mode. By doing so, it will turn off functions such as GPS roaming and notifications which gives your phone more power to charge itself.

Time your music

Do you need to listen to music to fall asleep but often struggle with the issue of either a dead battery on your phone or waking up at 2 am with your phone still playing? You can actually use the timer on your phone to set a time for the music to turn off. Just go to Clock > Timer > When Timer Ends, tap the ‘Stop Playing’ option and select the amount of time you want the music to play. When the timer finishes, your phone will automatically stop the music that is playing (whether that be through Apple music or Spotify).

Erase function on your calculator

Ever hit the wrong number when using the calculator which means you need to start the whole equation again? Not anymore! Just swipe left or right across your screen to delete the number you just entered.

Not enough storage

Ever tried taking a photo but receive the message ‘not enough storage’? And then you are left to frantically delete photos or apps just so you can take that photo and capture the moment before it is too late? Simple, just use the camera option in another app such as Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat instead and the photo will save to your camera roll.

Shake to undo

Accidentally deleted a message you just typed up? Rather than having to write the entire message again, just shake your phone and you will receive a notification which gives you the option to undo.

Screen Recording

Ever watched a funny video that you wanted to share with your friends but weren’t sure how? Well now with iOS 11, you are able to screen record on your own phone. Go to Settings > Control Centre > Customise Controls > Tap Screen Recording. Now whenever you want to screen record, swipe down the control settings bar and tap on the screen recording icon.


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