How to Keep Your Corporate Flowers Looking Fresh All Week

How to Keep Your Corporate Flowers Looking Fresh All Week

Corporate flowers add a lovely touch to any office, injecting life and colour into the space. But how can you make sure your corporate flowers look the best they can be?

Clean the vases

Bacteria can grow quickly in vases, quickly damaging your flowers. Make sure to clean your vase before adding your flowers, as microorganisms can quickly kill any beautiful blooms.

Keep the water fresh

Similarly, the water in your vases should be replaced every second day to keep your flowers fresh and healthy. Microorganisms can grow in stale water, snipping the lifespan of your flowers.

Trim the stems

There’s no point changing the water regularly if the flowers can’t even absorb it! Make sure to cut 2cm off the stems when you change the water so your flowers can soak up all the fresh water.

Snip off wilted petals

Make sure to pick off any wilted petals or remove dying flowers from the bunch, as dying flowers emit a gas that can wilt your other flowers.

Keep them away from heat

We might be naturally inclined to put flowers near a window sill, but this will dry them out quickly. Similarly, keep your flowers away from the air conditioning unit or vent – try placing them in a room that receives indirect sunlight instead to see how they flourish.

Keep them away from fruit

A flower and fruit arrangement might sound lovely, but in reality, fruits like bananas, apples and kiwi fruit also give off a gas that can cause your lovely blooms to wilt and die quicker.

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