Why Does Australia Buy Bisalloy Steel?

Bisalloy has been making some of the finest high quality steel sheets for 39 years. This has allowed us to develop specific manufacturing “recipes” that insure our steel sheets are made better, can be replicated to a high volume and don’t lose the quality that we’re known for. Perhaps this is due to the innovative mindset we hold as one of our core values. But why do we have customers across a multitude of broad sectors?

You can find Bisalloy steel in all sectors.  From national defence to infrastructure in some of the biggest cities in Australia. Put simply customers choose us because of Bisalloy’s unrivalled dedication to creating the highest quality steel plate sheeting. We don’t just meet standards we exceed them. When people come to us they don’t just get a high quality manufacture. We work with customers to save them time and money as well as improving how they use our products. We completely remove the supply chain risk many of our customers are all too familiar with.  

We are proud to be an Australian based manufacture and serve Australian markets. We do this through offering the highest standards in our steel across a number of different ranges. We are renowned in industries across the world when it comes to steel manufacturing for good reason.

Bisalloy Steel Wear Range

At Bisalloy we don’t do unwanted and expensive repairs. We believe that a products quality should reflect the need for that product. This has never been truer than in extreme working environments. This is why our customers come to us from the mining and resources sectors. They need steel with remarkable toughness and strength. These are customers who need their equipment to serve them in harshest of environments. Machines that will burrow deep into the earth, churn cement, or cut through solid timber trunks.

In this business time is not on their side. Our clients are all too familiar with the hours spent haemorrhaging money as constant repairs need to be made on parts not built up to a standard. This is not the case for the Bisalloy Steel Wear Range.  

Bisalloy Steel Armour and Protection Range

Bisalloy steel‘s high strength durability has never been more crucial than on the field of conflict. This is a place where explosions and bullets are a given as part of daily practice. Creating Bisalloy’s high density performance steels is what we see as our duty to protect the men and women who risk their lives every day to ensure our safety.

Our armour grade steel has passed numerous high stress tests such as the Charpy V-Notch Impact test, Schnadt test and the demanding Explosion Bulge test (the dry land equivalent of close-range depth charging). We’ve designed high density steel for Collins Class submarines and also lighter weight steel plates with superior ballistic performance for the Australian Bushmaster Infantry Mobility Vehicle. Bisalloy has also supplied armour steel for police, military and civilian applications world-wide (such as embassy safe rooms).

Bisalloy Steel Structure Range

As citizens of great nations we have come to expect our cities to maintain our growing populous. We take for granted the bridges and supporting structures. The things that hold up our roads and keep our ever reaching buildings standing. In these times materials need to be able to match our growing success and infrastructure. This is where Bisalloy steel quality assured metal comes into its own. We help to build the future. Using our steel you can build taller towers or bigger rooms, all while actually reducing the amount of steel needed to do it.

For example in helping to build the Tanderrum Bridge in Melbourne we took the following approach. We created over 400 tonnes of custom made pattern steel plate all delivered to strict deadlines to meet the bridges opening deadline for the Australian Open, a world renowned sporting event.  You can find more about the project here.

These are just a few formats that Bisalloy is able to offer its customers value. We work to craft our steel to be optimised for every situation our clients could need it for. Whether its high density shock proof steel for protection or low carbon high strength steel for construction. A winning product paired with our professional expertise is what draws our customers back to us even after the success of their project.

To find out how Bisalloy could help your project visit our website to see more about us here.

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